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Oh, I get it! It's because it's a web log!

Random thoughts, probably not profound, that worm their way into text form will likely end up here. Along with utterly random drivel.

If it weren't apparent, this isn't going to get updated particularly frequently. Mainly because I'm resisting saying something contraversial on the Internet, but mostly because I'm intending to update this whole website to run on PHP/MySQL soon. Soon. I promise!

A Test Post

This post is for testing something else. I'm not going to tell you what. That would ruin the surprise.

15:27, 24th November 2014, TL

Some Drivel

So this really is deliberately drivel. It's not designed to have any sort of degree of profoundness (profundity?) or make much sense. In fact, it's not going to be that long either. Why would I do this? To test whether on earth this blog system works, of course.

"But Tom, but Tom!", I hear you cry, "Surely your website is so well constructed that you shouldn't need to test this!" I answer you simply with a suggestion that you should view the source code for this page. Then, when you are done weeping at the fact that this is in fact hard coded in HTML, I will permit you to ask again, should you not understand.

Gosh, that got all a bit scary there for a moment, didn't it? I'd better stop this.

15:25, 24th November 2014, TL
Is it time for tea?