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I've been involved with a number of games, ranging from Live Action Freeforms known as "Society Games" with the Oxford University RPGSoc to silly little games I've coded. Here I'm just gonna leave a list of them I guess? That sounds like a good idea, let's do that.

Monocle Mayhem

So this little Flash Game is one from back in 2011 that I made for my Extended Project (EPQ). It's poorly optimised, broken and unbalanced (the difficulty curve at Level 8 has been likened to being punched in the face with a brick wall), and I'm not going to fix it because I don't have the code any more, but it's fun and a bit silly, so click the title or the image below to have a play.

Actually, if you get past Level 9, please let me know because that is seriously impressive.

12:43, 15th December 2014, TL


This little game is something I was working on casually during the summer while learning more of the curiosities of LibGDX and Java for this. It's not perfect (in fact it is far from so) but it's fun and has some wonderful sound effects.

15:56, 24th November 2014, TL

Society Games

A Game of Dice

This is an ongoing D&D 5e game set in my standard setting - the world surrounding the kingdom of Aelaria. There's probably not much you can gain out of having a look at this, but you may find the Adventure Logs interesting.


Maleficarum was the first Society Game that I was Head GM for and was an expansion on ideas that I had originally been working on for a novel series that I was writing for NaNoWriMo (started 2012). The idea is simple: it is the modern day; magic exists and is illegal; all the players are magic users. It rolled from there into protest marches to mind control of Parliament to magical girl squads to a Welsh Professor accidentally finding Excalibur.


Ragnarok was the first Society Game I worked on from start to finish. The concept was that in the 2050s, humanity has developed a gate that allows them to travel between universes. When they test it out, however, they end up in Asgard - home of the Norse Gods - and awaken them from their slumber to trigger Ragnarok, the Norse Apocalypse. This was a hilarious game of Norse Mythology, Marvel-esque heroes and villains, Mighty Science Lobsters, Elves and Hellish armies.


I joined the team for Generation half way through the game, as my character had come to the natural conclusion of his plot arc, in a game set in the dystopian generation ship Asimov run by the omnipresent Computer heading to find a new world, halfway through its mission-critical Flip. This was the first experience I had GMing for a large number of people and was something I loved to bits. The idea for Generation was one by the brilliant Dave Stark

15:54, 24th November 2014, TL
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