CRISIS! Character Generator

This Character Generator will allow you to produce a character for CRISIS! complete with DokuWiki Syntax (which makes GMs happy). It is not designed to be use standalone, so please make sure you've read the Character Creation Rules on the CRISIS! Wiki.

Your Character

Superhero Name - this is the name you are publicly known by

Secret Identity (if applicable) - this is who you really are

Wiki Name - this is the name you want displayed to other players on the Wiki

Skill Levels - 4 points on skills, then up to 8 on Skills and/or Powers. See Skills and Powers.


Describe your powers here. For more information see the Wiki Page.

To add a power, press this button:

Tropes - recall you have 2 points to spend to start with! See Tropes

Organisations - any organisations your character belongs to

Background - a bit of background information on your character

Public Bio - what other people might know about your character

Out of Character Stuff

Your Real Name

Your Email Address - the address to which CRISIS! emails will be sent

When you are happy with your character, press this button to create it: