Memento Mundi Character Builder

This is a BETA Character Builder for OURPGSoc's linear system Memento Mundi. It is intended to be used alongside the Wiki to assist with generating simple lower level characters. It may work at higher levels but those are not yet supported.

As this is a BETA, there are likely many many bugs to be found. Please report any you find by emailing me, or see the list of known bugs

Choose a Class:

Each character is a member of one of six classes. This defines the area in which your character is most expert, and grants access to abilities that no other class will have. Each class has access to a series of skill trees from which they can select abilities.

You cannot select the same Rite for both Primary and Secondary rites.

Choose Backgrounds:

Every character had a life before they were an adventurer, and the experience and contacts gained during it may grant access to skills most members of the character's class do not possess. To represent this, select 2 small skill trees from the list provided on the background documents, and add all skills on them to the portfolio from which your character may pick. Then, come up with an IC explanation of what your character did before they were an adventurer, based on the two skill sets you have chosen.

The background system is designed to allow you to customise your character and fill in gaps in their capabilities. Want to play a Mage who gets stuck in on the front line when the going gets tough? Purchase a background that grants you a weapon or shield skill. Want to play a Fighter skilled at combat medicine or alchemy? Backgrounds provide access to these skills.

Choose Skills: 0/7 points spent

You cannot buy that skill: you have run out of XP to spend
Level 1

Choose a class and backgrounds to see available skills.
Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Character Details
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