The Oxford Guild of Assassins

Ever thought that life at Oxford would be so much more fun if people were trying to kill you?
Ever wondered if your post might be full of attack animals, ready to rip you to shreds?
Ever wanted to have a gun battle at 2AM in somebody else's college?

Then the Oxford Guild of Assassins is for you...

Click here for this term's Termcard... (Please note that all events are pushed back 1 week from what is listed)

If you would like to register, fill out a Membership Form and send it to the Secretary along with a £1 life membership fee.

For more information, please click here to contact the Guildmaster or send an email to

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The Oxford Guild of Assassins are not genuine hit-men, murderers or assassins. We can't help you with that. We might be able to cobble together a sternly worded letter on request – possibly in iambic pentameter – but honestly, you should probably get help before coming to us...